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Typhoon - Aqueous Machine

PVA & Dymax


The Ultimate Connection.....Our Customers

We are dedicated to providing all customers with the utmost quality and on time delivery in EMS. With over 37 years experience and a wide spectrum of products from : aircraft related products, medical devices, irrigation control systems & fire detection devices. Revco can offer a sound foundation to our customers in processing their design to market.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:
  • SMT & THT

  • Unleaded & leaded assembly lines

  • Mixed Technology PCBA's

  • 01005 Package Placement

  • Custom Box Build; Full Assemblies

  • Conformal coating

  • Automated Optical Inspection

  • X-Ray Inspection

  • Design For Manufacture

  • PCB Layout

  • IPC CLASS 3 certified

  • Functional Testing

  • Calibration Testing

  • Full Project Management

SMT - MyData Parts Placement
Automated Optical Inspection
X-Ray Inspection