Revco Products Inc. was founded in 1977 by our President, David Gonzales. David began his career as an electro-mechanical design engineer working in the aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics industries. He had the pleasure to work for such companies as: McDonnell Douglas, Borg-Warner, and Emerson Electronics.

Today, Revco employs more than 40 hardworking, highly skilled employees, and is still owned and operated by the Gonzales family.

  • Ron Gonzales, Vice President Operations/Quality, has taken on various roles within the company since he started in 1982. His extensive experience in all aspects of electronic contract manufacturing is an asset. He openly shares his knowledge with customers to help them improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Greg Gonzales, Vice President of Business Development has worked for Revco since 1993. His vast experience has enabled him to foster strong working relationships with customers and suppliers. His in-depth understanding of process and purchasing guarantees the highest quality at a competitive price.
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What Our Employees Say About Us

Tod A.

Medical Diagnostics

Revco Products provides our company with PCB assembly services from early in the R & D phase all the way through production. They provide us with great service and have a solid understanding of both the technical and commercial aspects of electronics manufacturing.

Olden C.

Fire & Gas Safety

Revco Products makes our work easier. They are a trusted partner helping to resolve problems and improve accuracy before production begins. They recently helped us avoid supply chain issues in the industry. Revco excels at customer service, attention to detail, and quality.

Patrick J.

Medical Electronics

We have worked with Revco Products for over 10 years. They are not only an expert in the manufacturing of PCBAs, but they also have a wealth of knowledge in design and design for manufacturability. On several occasions, Revco has contributed to the quality of design of our products.