At Revco Products, we focus on delivering the best possible manufacturing solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs. Our depth of experience, expertise and industry knowledge allows us to deliver outstanding quality and value, with superior customer service. Our team of experts are happy to discuss any project that you may have. Let us know how we can help!

Industries We Serve

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Electronic systems for aerospace require special attention. The highest level of reliability is needed to perform under the extreme environmental conditions experienced by satellites and aircraft. At Revco Products, we meet the challenges of the aerospace industry.



The automotive industry is changing rapidly. The latest automobile designs contain multiple features controlled by electronic modules and sensors. At Revco Products, we are honored to be part of the transformation in the automotive industry.


Fire & Gas Detection

Products that protect people and assets from fire and combustible or toxic gases must always perform reliably. Revco Products is a trusted manufacturing partner in health and life safety.

Irrigation Control Systems

Irrigation controllers are essential for effective water management. Smart water-saving products help create a better future for people and our planet. At Revco Products, we are proud to support this vital industry.


LED Technology

We understand the unique challenges of manufacturing LED PCB assemblies. Heat generated by LEDs requires robust thermal management solutions for long-term reliability and performance. Thermal testing is also important for reliability analysis and quality assurance.

Medical Electronics

Revco Products works with companies in the life sciences, diagnostics, and biotech industries. Whether it is an existing product or a prototype, we have the expertise to help you get your product to market.


Military & Defense

Revco Products specializes in electronic contract manufacturing for military and defense companies. With over 40 years experience, our processes and capabilities have been established to follow strict ITAR military regulations, specifications and standards.


Power Products

Converting energy into usable power and controlling it’s distribution is essential to a wide range of industries. Revco Products has extensive experience building PCB assemblies for power distribution and power supply industries.