Full Project Management

With Revco you’ll work one-on-one with an experienced project management team. That personal connection makes it easier for us to respond to the specific requirements of each product as it progresses through the phases of DFM, manufacturing and testing.


Revco brings four decades of experience in design for manufacturability (DFM). In fact, it is a cornerstone of our company. We know that sometimes what looks great on a screen monitor will not deliver the best results. Our team may be able to offer a better approach that will assure the assembly meets the requirements of what you wish to accomplish.


In addition to DFM, and ensuring that your PCB layout can perform under the correct environmental conditions, component placement, and more, our team also provides the following manufacturing services:

  • Surface mount technology (SMT) and Thru-hole technology (THT)
  • PB-free and leaded assembly lines
  • Mixed technology PCBAs (Hybrid)
  • Rigid and/or flex PCBAs
  • 01005 package placement
  • Custom box build; full assemblies
  • Circuit board protection, including conformal coating

Our Kanban Manufacturing approach optimizes production without wasting time or cost. We assemble product based on demand, while ensuring that no product defects are passed on during the production phase.


Quality assessment begins during, not after assembly. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) allows our team to detect and correct errors throughout the entire assembly process. Checking for presence, polarity, and location of components helps to eliminate damaged or broken parts along the way, while providing ongoing feedback to the production line.

Plus, we perform additional testing to ensure your product meets your specifications throughout the manufacturing process. These include:

  • Functional testing
  • Calibration testing
  • ICT Genrad testing

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