Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS)

Box Build / Panel Build

Why receive just the PCBA when you can outsource production of the entire box build or panel assembly to Revco? Through our long-term relationships with some of the largest and most trusted suppliers, we can schedule the purchase of materials for the building of PCBAs and enclosures. That saves you time, saves money, and helps to meet your response time needs by having complete certified and tested boxes or panels shipped to you on your schedule. Our material management program is aligned with your product delivery needs.

PCB Assembly – Surface Mount (SMT) and Thru-Hole (THT)

Our electronic assembly services include:

  • SMT including micro BGA and 01005 package size
  • THT
  • Low cost options for electronic assemblies
  • Material procurement
  • Vendor managed inventory and other inventory programs
  • Prototype and pre-production electronic assembly
  • Low to high volume runs
  • Conformal coating 
  • Encapsulation
  • Panel assembly and panel wiring
  • Functional, electrical and in-circuit testing
  • Complete product box build

PCB Fabrication Suppliers

We have established a network of PCB fabrication companies capable of meeting any requirement and/or standard. This network includes domestic and offshore suppliers.

Our Turnkey Approach

We offer a range of services for the turnkey customer. Revco has built an infrastructure capable of supporting any size requirement, as well as special bonding packages with local and offshore suppliers to aid in meeting or beating your current pricing. With in-house auto replenishment that is expandable at any time, we can meet your immediate requirement delivery dates. In addition to these programs, we stock more than 5,000 different parts in our facility.

Cable Assembly

Revco offers cable assembly to aid in consolidating our customer’s requirements. We have both discrete capabilities in house and a network of alliances that provides the capability of molded and skuzzy cable assemblies. Our crimping and pressing machines can be altered to support any discrete or flat cable assembly.

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